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Luckysky Factory fire drill

Luckysky 2019-01-08 112

In order to improve fire safety awareness, enhance employees' ability to respond in emergencies, strengthen their self-protection ability in case of emergency, strengthen the use of fire-fighting equipment by employees, and improve fire prevention and control capabilities and emergency response capabilities. According to the requirements of the group and the actual situation, on August 4, 2018, fire safety knowledge training and fire drills were conducted in the factory.

The event invited the "Huandu Furong Police Station and Fire Department" to jointly train employees on fire safety knowledge. The training includes: the necessary conditions for fire, the awareness and use of anti-disaster equipment, and the essentials of emergency evacuation. Methods, things to be aware of when you escape. After the fire safety knowledge training was over, everyone was organized to conduct fire drills.

The actual fire drills are designed to prevent problems before they happen. The company has always regarded safety as the top priority of the company. Safety production is the top priority of the company. The company holds fire training and drills from time to time, and passes fire protection knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises. It laid the foundation for efficient and orderly safety production in the future.